Dead domain: How to Migrate profiles

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    Gina Melford

    Hi Sam
    With our domain down (setting up a new one) is there a way to reach the user profiles from the old Domain? I did not think this to be a big issue but it is escalating upwards (ppl aren’t happy..)

    Problem is that I cannot see the old domain profiles when starting USMTGUI?

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    Hi Gina
    Fun to see you here and thanks for the nice words at, I think, more than one occasion.

    FIRST: DO NOT JOIN the PC’s to the new domain or disconnect them..

    OK, All you need to do is the following:
    1. Power down the PC and disconnect it from network.
    2. Turn it on and it will think the Domain is OK, itself just being offline.
    – Hence the profile is “legal” and will be accessible.
    3. Login with the user you want to migrate (password will be last one used)
    4. Power up USMTGUI St.Alone.exe and backup the profile 🙂

    If possible keep the harddisk a bit for safety or use some tool to make a disk backup.
    Please also note that if possible use freshly installed PC’s in stead of rejoining…
    If that isn’t possible, please consider renaming the usernames slightly on the new domain.
    – That way Windows/USMT doesn’t get confused and create odd “username”.000 profiles..

    I bet You know you can restore to “New Domain” and “New Username” (page 5 in the guide)

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