Error 3 [0x0809c0] [0x0809c0] Incomplete user profile detected (V2)


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    Error 3 [0x0809c0] [0x0809c0] Incomplete user profile detected and ignored:C:Users”username”… (V2)

    Followed by:
    [0x080000] LookupAccountSidW failed. Error: 0x00000534[gle=0x00000534]
    [0x0803ba] Found valid profile but can’t get user credentials. Will ignore due to error code: 0x00000534

    – Error will be seen in the USMTLoad.log (USMTGUI/UPC)


    USMT found a valid profile to restore in the backup but cannot look up the user in the Active directory.


    Check that the PC is properly joined to the AD and that the user restoring to exists on that AD and is enabled.

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