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    Michael Wilson

    Dear Ehlertech,

    I have a need to migrate about 125 workstations with 100 users to a domain. They use sticky notes extensively, so that app needs to go with the newly created domain profile.

    We do not use SCCM and I have limited experience with USMT, so I am wondering if the corporate license for the product will cover the functions that we need to accomplish.

    Some stations have limited space on the drive. Some don’t.

    The user profile needs to migrate to the domain and delete the old profile, and central repository is possible.


    Michael Wilson

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    Hi Michael

    Some considerations…

    You can run USMTGUI from a USB hard disk, and place the User profile backups on it as well, thus minimizing the necessary space on the disks..
    However, you are in a bit of a squeeze as you either have to:
    1. Delete the local profile prior to restoring or
    2. have both the local one and the Domain profile side by side, until you know the new Domain profile is OK.

    I do not like the idea myself of deleting the original profile before I know the user is up and running..
    On the other hand, creating a new profile with the exact same username, only as a Domain account will make windows
    call it c:\users\”username.domain” if a local profile with the exact same username is present…

    What we did at a big client on 6000 PC’s (big org, lots of money and IT-supporters i could send running πŸ˜‰
    was to

    1. Make a USMT backup
    2. Either snapshot the PC’s drive (disk image) or replace the disk for temporary storage of the users data
    3. Reinstall the PC as a Domain PC to give the users a fresh PC
    4. Restore the users Profile to his new Domain account.

    In that case the domain username was different from the original one but USMTGUI can handle that..

    Your situation:

    As the above might be a (to) heavy workload for you, I would suggest a slightly simpler (resource wise) procedure..

    1. consider changing the Domain usernames slightly from what they are now or live with the “username.domain” notation.

    2. back up the user profile(s) to a USB drive, running USMTGUI St. Alone.exe from that same USB disk.

    3. run the new storage manager (Win10) and have it clear out all temporary files to give you leverage on systems with little space left.
    – See this video, second topic, from 1:15

    4. make sure the Users Domain account is present on the Domain,

    5. join the PC (if it isn’t already)

    6. restore the users profile

    7. Log in with the user

    8. Open USMT Afterburner residing on the desktop and restore Sticky notes.
    – AFTER restoring with Afterburner, Open Sticky notes and verify they are there πŸ˜‰

    After you conclude the user is good to go you can delete the old local profile through “Advanced system settings”

    Now: To get you going, have a shot at it with the USMTGUI St.Alone trial. Fully functional, only time limited till May 31.

    Good luck and a nice day to you πŸ˜‰

    With kind regards


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