USMTGUI 10.16.1709 and UPC 1.3.1709 released

USMTGUI 1703 and UPC released
June 25, 2017
User State Migration Tool (USMT) Troubleshooting
October 18, 2017

New USMTGUI released!

I am happy to announce that USMTGUI 10.16.1709 has been released.
– Of course with full support of Windows 10 1709 – Creators Autumn Edition
Improved GUI and new updated USMT 1709 added.
Messy overview on the homepage. Overview of versions and what they do has been tidied up.


User Profile Central

We are extremely happy to be able to announce the release of  the updated version  of User Profile Central
– The User Profile Management Center.
With User Profile Central you can easily backup and restore user profiles over networks from and to a network share.
From/to any PC and from one User to another and from one AD to another.
Timing issue in user detection that sometimes made UPC “give up” too early.
Supports Win 7, 8, 8.1 and Win 10 including 1709 –  Creators Autumn Edition
If Interested in upgrading from other Corp licenses You will of course be deducted your initial payment.

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