Remote User Profile management over local area networks.

With the latest GUI from EhlerTech you can now easily backup and restore User Profiles over LAN, from your own PC.
UPC is specifically built to utilize the advantages having PC's in an Active Directory gives. Listing of PC's, network storage, Local Administrative access etc. However please note that remote access to PC's does involve some preparation, so please read the prerequisites section in the user guide before purchasing..

As USMTGUI, UPC utilizes Microsofts reference tool USMT - User State Migration Tool.

With UPC you can backup and restore profiles:
- from one PC to another,
- from a local account to a Domain profile and vice versa,
- from one user profile to another and
- even from one OS to another.

USMT migrates application settings (but NOT the applications!), mails, documents, browser favorites, Desktop content, certificates, printers and drive mappings amongst other things...
To see more about what exactly USMT will migrate, please see the Microsoft Reference Documentation.
EhlerTech and USMTGUI cannot be held liable for any lacking abilities to migrate users and settings as MS USMT handles the migration process.
- User Profile Central is just a GUI to USMT.

Buy UPC Corporate, bundled with USMTGUI Corporate