SCCM Slow at deploying applications

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March 10, 2022

Tweak SCCM to fit your organizations network

If you experience Applications being slow (or REALLY slow) at installing,
perhaps seeing long pauses between each application finishing at OSD,
be aware of the “peer” feature..

The most plausible cause – Peer sharing

SCCM offers the possibility for client PCs to download applications cached in the CCM cache folder on other PCs. Smart? Perhaps
But what if you network is segmented (it is. If not it should be) preventing PCs from reaching each other on their individual segment.
And possibly prohibited even directly on the local IP-rages having file sharing disabled.
The setting will make PC clients, directed by the friendly management points, attempt to pick up the deployed application from a neighboring PC. It will attempt accessing data on one PC after the other, finally “giving up” and download from the Distribution point..
You can enable Verbose logging to see if this is indeed what is happening
Application deployment does work. But it is disastrously slow.

How to remedy poor Application deployment performance

On all local SCCM installations with strong network connections I recommend disabling Peer’ing all together.
In the Endpoint Configuration manager, open the Default client settings (Administration/Client Settings/)
In Properties of Default Client Settings, open the “Client Cache Settings” and set Peer cache to “No”
As it will take many hours for this setting to get through to all existing clients, you can also disable Peer caching on all Boundary groups (Administration/Hierarchy Configuration/Boundary Groups)
This has an immediate positive effect on application installations when deploying new PCs

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