About USMTGUI versions

Pre-selecting XML files in USMT GUI
February 10, 2022
Deploy PC through USB adapter or USB/Thunderbolt Dockingstation
March 10, 2022

Check out what the different versions are for

Is the USMTGUI program for local installation.

USMTGUI Pro – With USMTGUI Offline
USMTGUI Pro also is for local installation and in addition contains USMTGUI Offline.

USMTGUI Offline migrates users from for instance an offline windows.Old installation folder or an installation on a disk connected through a USB disk connector.
Also Includes USMTGUI Resque boot ISO to boot systems with boot failure and migrate the user profile

Includes the above installers and a super versatile USMTGUI St.Alone.exe, capable of running directly of a USB or network disk.

USMTGUI Pro Plus Open
Includes the above and a zipped version USMTGUI St.Alone.zip, capable of running directly of a USB or network disk.
USMTGUI St.Alone.zip allows for usage of your own Custom xml files, automatization and extended logs

USMTGUI Corporate
Includes the above and capability to migrate from and to Domain accounts and to Azure.
USMTGUI Corporate is licensed for usage by all technicians within a Company.

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