With USMTGUI Offline you can move (backup) user accounts from any Windows.old folder or an offline Windows on an attached harddisk. For example a disk from a dead PC.

Since USMT 10 does not run natively on systems older than Windows 7, the USMTGUI Offline Win PE Boot ISO gives you a unique opportunity to rescue profiles from systems older than Windows 7.

As USMT in these scenarios does not run ON the actual active OS, it is migrating from, the GUI is simpler and only makes backups. To restore you use USMTGUI.
Storage facilities are also simpler as it is quite impossible to maintain a network driver base on the boot image.

EhlerTech and USMTGUI cannot be held liable for any lacking abilities to migrate users and settings as MS USMT handles the migration process.
- USMTGUI Offline is just a GUI to USMT.

USMTGUI Offline is included in all but the $10 entry package

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