Migrating to Azure with USMTGUI user Profile Handler

USMTGUI is what it states. A GUI to simplify the usage of USMT from Microsoft....

But as the world moves on towards the cloud, along with (at least parts of) Microsoft, one thing has become obvious.
Microsoft has not made, or even plan to make, USMT or another tool capable of migrating data and settings over to Azure users.

However, probably more than ever before, people want to bring their emails, pics, documents, application settings, browser cached passwords etc.
over to their new user or new PC, whether it be a domestic or AzureAD account..

The ©AzureMigrationEngine
Although based on a completely different tecnology, the ©AzureMigrationEngine is 100% integrated with the existing USMTGUI functionality.
You can backup a user, even on a Windows 7 PC running Office 2010 or 2013, and restore to an Azure user running Windows 10.

Please however be advised that it temporarily takes some room on the drive, as the profile will be restored to USMTtmpUSER and then migrated over to the Azure user from there.

The USMTGUI Azure Migration Engine will specifically migrate:
User data, desktop, app settings, including POP and imap mail setting and mails, and browser favorites + at least Firefox cached passwords. That's more or less that :-)
- No exchange mail settings or .OST file as it doesn't migrate but must resync at login.
- No OneDrive settings if the old setup is with OneDrive (as OneDrive will also always resync.)

For further details please consult the User guide, or check out our USMT GUI Video guides and see brief Azure migration video here

All Corporate editions of USMTGUI v. 10.21 and onward can migrate to Azure!

Azure direct migration

With the ©AzureMigrationEngine it is now possible to migrate any local user profile directly over to the logged in Azure AD user

In many cases when you move to Azure, you simply join the Workgroup- or Domain PC to Azure and login with the Azure user.
In such a scenario what you really want to do, is just copy over the files and settings from the old user and move on...

USMTGUI now does it for you :-)

In cases where you do NOT want to migrate fx mail settings, OneDrive files, installed printers or mapped network drives,
you simply just deselect them, prior to the migration.
All Corporate editions of USMTGUI v. 10.21 and onward can migrate to Azure!

USMTGUI buying options - Corporate
See more about versions below..

About Azure debugging

If you want to do a deeper diagnostics then start a command prompt as computer's System account:

psexec -s -i cmd.exe

That will elevate you to system account privileges.

now run the following command:
dsregcmd /join /debug
That will output all the behind the scenes join progress.

to keep on testing with the same machine you can also remove the computer from the AzureAD by typing:
dsregcmd /leave /debug
You can also remove the computer from the AzureAD portal.

About USMTGUI Versions

are installable programs for local installation. USMTGUI Pro also contains USMTGUI Offline.
USMTGUI Offline migrates users from old offline windows installations and and no longer bootable Pc's.
- Includes USMTGUI Resqueue boot ISO

Includes the above installers and a super versatile USMTGUI St.Alone.exe, capable of running directly of a USB or network disk.

USMTGUI Pro Plus Open
Includes the above and a zipped version USMTGUI, capable of running directly of a USB or network disk.
USMTGUI allows for usage of your own Custom xml files, automatization and extended logs

USMTGUI Corporate
Includes the above and capability to migrate from and to local accounts, to Domain accounts and to Azure.
USMTGUI Corporate is licensed for usage by a number of technicians within a Company.

See the USMTGUI Functionality matrix

EhlerTech and USMTGUI cannot be held liable for any lacking abilities by USMT to migrate all settings.
However we will work closely with you to mitigate any isues!