Custom XML's

Ehlertech USMT Reference XML files for SCCM & MDT

Free to download and use with USMT 10/11
- But ONLY for internal use with USMT/SCCM/MDT. For commercial use see Ehlertechs USMTGUI and User Profile Central.
Updates include:
1. Improved MigApp.xml that includes New Edge (Chrome)- , Firefox- and Chrome favorites.
2. Improved MigUser.xml including Endnote databases plus 20 extra relevant file types such as local SQL databases.
3. Alternative MigUser_Including_Downloads.xml identical to the MigUser.xml except that it migrates the Download folder.
4. Alternative MigUser_Profile_only.xml identical to the MigUser.xml except that it migrates only the profile - fast as it does not search the drive.
5. Custom made ExcludeDrives_D_to_Z.xml excluding all drives other than C:
6. Custom made ExcludeOneDriveUserFolders.xml excluding document folders redirected to OneDrive.
- Note: Only use if you actively have redirection enabled. OneDrive is already omitted in the MigUser.xml
7. Custom made ExcludeSystemFolders.xml excluding system folders like c:\Program Files, c:\Windows, etc.
8. Custom made Win10/11.xml that migrates Windows 10/11 Taskbar, "Recent files" and Quick links.
9. Custom made Xclude_CloudEnrollmentSettings.xml that excludes Cloud Enrollment Settings
10. Custom made Xclude_AADsettings.xml that exclude AADsettings.
11. Custom made Xclude_ModernUI_Appsettings.xml that excludes ModernUI Appsettings - Normally defaults are preferred.
12. Custom made Xclude_Network_Printers.xml that excludes Network Printers.
13. Custom made Xclude_Windows_Defender.xml that skips locked Windows Defender registry settings.

Detailed description of the XML files and their functions can be found in the XML functions guide

Updated to USMT 11.22H2, January 6 2023
New (Chrome) Edge favorites included December 8 2019
Note: All XML's here, and more, are already included with USMTGUI and UPC
Download reference XML's here Download latest USMT st. alone package here


Simply add the xml files to your USMT package on the MDT/SCCM server, both the X86 and amd64 folder (in CM remember to update DP's)
- On the SCCM TS add the XML's to the "Capture User Files.." and "Restore User Files.." steps...
- On MDT add the xml files to CustomSettings.ini


All the above XML files and features are part of USMTGUI and User Profile Central

USMTGUI is a valuable tool for the technicians day to day PC handling.

User Profile Central is used in many situations in Domain environments without SCCM or MDT
for user profile backups, moving users from one Domain to another etc.